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<Company name> GK Studio Manomana / GK Studio Manomana <Establishment> September 1, 2021 <Representative> Ippei Onoe <Bank> Resona Bank / Gotanda Branch <Business description> Music production / video production / design production / event Production, casting, etc.


<Design production>

● Pamphlet Atelier Yoshino "20th Anniversary Magazine ~ Ballet Days ~" / Sue-C Flash "Tour Pamphlet" / Akira Fuse "Tour Pamphlet" / Akira Fuse "Fan Club Bulletin" and many others

● CD jacket

Akira Fuse "50th Anniversary Self-cover Premium Selection" "Way of the Maestro" "Something JAZZY 2" / I'm going to see you /
Kazuhiko Matsuo "Waspesenuhito" "Sorrowful" "1990-2015 Selection" / Yang Yuki "Yuki no Mai" / Yukari Morikawa "CUARTO" and many others

<Video production>
Akira Fuse "Way of the Maestro ~ The Document ~" / Kazuhiko Matsuo "I'll see you when I see you" /
The Coconut Cups "The Coconut Cups 20th Anniversary Romantic Memories ~ Goddess Summit ~"

● Music Video
Akira Fuse "Urizun no Kaze" / Kazuhiko Matsuo "Chromatic Romantic" / The Coconut Cups "Maybe the Last Love" / Sinon "Hoshi Meguri no Uta" and many others

● Corporate VP / CM / Event Movie

Pentel / TAITO / Maritime Self-Defense Force / Aderans and many others

<Music production>
● Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement
KINKI KIDS "KINKI KIDS FOREVER" / Yuji Oda "I want to see you" "Beetle" / Akira Fuse "I'm going to see you" /
Kazuhiko Matsuo "God gave me love-Chapter 1-" "God gave me love-Chapter 2-" "Kimisofu" "Premonition of love" and many others

Ippei Onoe Profile

Born December 25, 1961. RH minus O type. Born in Osaka and raised in Sagamihara, Kanagawa.
In 1986, he produced numerous advertisements as a graphic designer at an advertising production company. HONDA / JTB / Showa Shell Sekiyu / INAX / etc. In 1986, participated in the BAND EXPLOSION '89 WORLD FINAL IN JAPAN World Championship. Stand on the stage of Nippon Budokan. In 1992, he made his major debut as a vocal composer of E NIGHT. In 1996, he started working as a music writer. In 1997, after the dissolution of E NIGHT, "JUNGAPOP" was formed with Ryoji of Kome Kome Club and Joplin Tokunoh. In 1998, started activities as a video creator. ★ Democratic Party TV commercial / ASCII Publishing / Aderans TV commercial / and many others. In 2000, he launched STUDIO MANOMANA, a creative group. In 2002, he released his first film director, "A Week of the Saotome Family". Screened at "Tokyo International Forum". In 2003, launched the STUDIO MANOMANA label. In 2004, he released the film director's work "MATOBA SAN". Winner of the 7th IMF sponsored by TSUTAYA. In 2010, he started his activities as a solo singer in earnest. In 2012, joined Akira Fuse's production team as a creative director. In 2014, "Ryohei Sakagami 1GO10" was formed with Kome Kome Club Ryoji. Formed the "61st Yearly Meeting", a group of professional musicians born in 1961. In 2015, he directed the video for the ex-off course Kazuhiko Matsuo 's DVD work "I'll see you when I see you". In 2016, he formed the music unit "Moriokasa" with Kazunari Moriwaki, an actor, and Ryoji Kasahara. Akira Fuse's new song "I'm going to meet you" is provided. In 2020, the distribution of "Hayauta", a content that integrates music and video, will begin. In 2021, the online salon "iPPEi ONOE LOVE LATORY" is launched.

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