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Ippei Onoe Lovely




We will guide you through the FAQs that many customers have inquired about. Please check the following before contacting us.


[Regarding membership]


・ How can I join?


Required items: ❶ Facebook account, ❷ Credit or debit card, ❸ Email address (Please set the reception of "".)


I. Online Salon Subscription Purchase


① Click the "Join" button at the end of the enrollment page to move to the online salon shop.

(2) Select either monthly renewal or annual renewal and proceed to the purchase screen.

③ After answering the questions and agreeing to the terms of use, click the "Purchase" button to proceed to the "Enter payment information" screen.

④ You can purchase after entering each payment information.


II. ID issuance by email


After purchase, we will issue an online salon member ID and notify you by email.


III. Join a Facebook group


(1) The URL of the Facebook group is also included in the email issued by the member ID, so move to the Facebook group from there.

② Click the "Join Group" button to request to join the Facebook group. At that time, please answer "questions to those who wish to participate" such as entering the online salon member ID.

③ At a later date, the administrator will approve the participation in the Facebook group, and the participation in the Facebook group will be completed.


* Please note that it takes about 10 days from "Completion of subscription purchase" in I-④ above to "Completion of participation in Facebook group" in III-③.


・ I haven't received the email issued by the member ID.


>> Is the correct email address entered?

>> Is there any mail in the junk mail box?

>> Is the "" email blocked?

* If the security setting of each mobile carrier is the cause, please change the setting so that you can receive emails from "" and inform to that effect.


・ I don't have a credit card. Can I join an online salon?


I am very sorry.

Currently, we only accept payment by credit card and debit card.


・ I don't have a Facebook account. Can I join if I create a new account?


The online salon "iPPEi ONOE LOVERATORY" is currently active in a private group on Facebook.

A Facebook account is required to participate. Therefore, some members have acquired a Facebook account for the purpose of participating in this online salon.

* Please note that the account may be suspended by Facebook operation if it is regarded as an account that does not comply with the Facebook Terms of Service, such as pseudonym or spoofing.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you are interested, we would appreciate it if you could consider it together with opening a Facebook account .


・ I would like to join the salon with a different Facebook account than the one I applied for membership. Can I change the account?


Due to the system, procedures such as changing accounts are not possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you wish to change the account you are participating in, please cancel your membership with your current account and then join with your desired account.


・ Can I participate in the online salon from overseas?



In the online salon, an article by Ippei Onoe will be posted in a private group on Facebook.

  This article can be viewed from all over the world.

  You can write comments on articles and like them to interact with members online.

However, at the time of enrollment, if the card is issued overseas, payment may be refused by the payment system. In that case, please note that it is necessary to prepare another card because it depends on the specifications of the card company.


[Regarding withdrawal]


・ I want to withdraw from the membership, what should I do?


Please be sure to inform that you are unsubscribing without unsubscribing from the Facebook group yourself. At that time, please enter ❶ your name (full name), ❷ online salon member ID, and ❸ Facebook account name. We will cancel your subscription and cancel your membership from the Facebook group.

* You cannot stop the card withdrawal just by withdrawing from the Facebook group.


・ I have withdrawn from the membership. Will I get a refund?


There is no refund.

Please note that neither monthly renewals nor annual renewals will be refunded according to the withdrawal date.




・ Do you know the reason why the payment failed?


The payment agency will only give you information that "payment failed", so please contact the credit card company yourself. In many cases, it has expired (not renewed), exceeded limits, or is out of balance.


・ Can I pay by bank transfer?


We are sorry, but we do not accept bank transfer payments.

Online salon membership fees can be paid by credit or debit card.


・ I have already withdrawn, will I be charged the unpaid fee?



If there is a settlement failure retroactively, we will charge you, so even if you have already withdrawn, we will charge the unpaid amount.


[Various procedures]


・ I want to change my email address. What should I do.


Please inform of your email address change.

At that time, in the body of the email,

❶ Name (full name), ❷ Online salon member ID, ❸ Facebook account name, ❹ Email address before change, ❺ Email address after change

Please be sure to describe.


・ Can I issue a receipt?


The secretariat does not handle the issuance of receipts, and we ask that you use the statement of use from the card issuer.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.

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