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Started classical piano at the age of 7. Graduated from Sakuragaoka High School Music Department Piano Major. Graduated from Nagoya Music University (Music Instrument Music Department Piano Major). Received the Best Vocalist Award at the YAMAHA Teens Music Festival for 3 consecutive years. Former started teaching as a dance / singing instructor. After graduating, he opened the piano bar DIVAS LIVE and has been working to provide and nurture a place as a music space while performing live activities and teaching. was. after Tokyo, the DWANGO Kurieitibu school, VOAT Harajuku school, also worked as a singer-songwriter while working for a private lesson in lecturer,. 2014, diet test 1.2 grade acquisition. is currently private lessons, also, as a professional training studio part-time lecturer After working as a lecturer, he released the original mini album "Holding you" in August 2017. Taking advantage of his experience as a voice trainer for more than 15 years, he has continued to make music and perform live activities at a live house while training. 19 In the year, the artist name was changed to "miimeg". Make a new start.

Live Schedule

Currently, there are no live plans.

Music Streaming

Me-gu "Holding You"
<Recorded song> Remember, Wonder Lady This Star Fragment Mr.Monday Holding You

West coast rock scent, well-balanced pop and superb sound. We welcomed guitarist Kazuma Sozono to arrange and produce the sound, and pursued the sound of the 70's without using any driving or synthesizer. The recording members include Nobuo Eguchi, a drummer representing Japan, and Takao Sugiyama, an early arranger of Toshinobu Kubota, who is in charge of the keyboard.


Supervised and written by miimëg Diet book You can enjoy losing 3kg! Vocal pedagogy diet.

A diet habit that makes you healthy, beautiful, and good at singing.
Kindle Edition (ebook) ¥ 770


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