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[Admission conditions / precautions]

・ Monthly 980 yen

・ This online salon requires advance enrollment.

・ It takes about 10 days from the date of application for membership to join the private group.

・ For payment, card payment will be made on the day of enrollment every month.

・ Please read and agree to these terms of use before purchasing.



[Flow after purchase]

・ After purchase, we will issue an online salon member ID at a later date, and we will inform you of the online salon member ID and Facebook group URL by e-mail.

・ Make a note of the received online salon member ID, access the Facebook group from the URL attached to the email, make a "participation request", enter the answer to each question item, and use the terms of use. Thank you for your consent.

・ We will approve your participation in the Facebook group as soon as we receive the "Request for Participation" and each question.

* Please set the reception of

* Tickets may not be received due to the limited capacity of SMS / MMS email addresses. Please be sure to register your e-mail address.




iOL secretariat

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Price Options
¥980every month until canceled
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