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about us

iPPEi ONOE LOVERATORY is a membership-based two-way communication salon where you can enjoy and peek at "fun, excitement, and excitement" starting from creativity such as music, video, and design.


Admission conditions and precautions

Monthly 980 yen (Annual renewal purchase is also available)

・ This online salon requires advance enrollment.

・ It takes about 10 days from the date of application for membership to join the private group.

・ For payment, card payment will be made every month or every year on the day of enrollment.
(All articles after February 2021 can be viewed)


Benefit 1 / Ippei Onoe's creative work and sharing of thoughts

Ippei Onoe's thoughts, works, projects, etc. are posted to the private Facebook group almost every day with text, video, and audio content. Sometimes we also deliver live videos. Salon members can also discuss on topics launched by Ippei Onoe and come up with opinions and plans.

Benefit 2 / Participate in offline study sessions and exchange meetings

Music events, video events, solo exhibitions, goods, video and audio content, creative study sessions, social contribution events, etc., which are proposed and planned by Ippei Onoe and salon members, all start from the online salon.
With love, we can exchange positive opinions, sometimes violently, and sometimes as it is, at offline drinking parties. Share "exciting times" with online salon members. Please come and join us.


Benefit 3 / Participation in the event

We plan various study sessions for members, not only for project meetings and creative activities, but also for health and fashion. Offline study sessions and meetings are held in areas with many salon members. In areas with few members, participants in study sessions and meetings will regularly give away transportation and accommodation expenses.


Organizer iPPEi ONOE

Produced numerous advertisements as a graphic designer. Produced numerous works as a musician artist and writer. In 2000, he launched STUDIO MANOMANA, a creative group, and started video production and event production business. In 2020, he launched a new inner body design business in collaboration with manipulative treatment and started producing.

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